JPSE Volume 24 - 2022

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Tips for Successful Web-based Training

Brett Wells Bultemeier, Extension Assistant Professor, University of Florida/Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) Pesticide Information Office, Gainesville, FL,

Michelle Atkinson, Extension Agent II, UF/IFAS Extension, Manatee County Extension, Palmetto, FL,

Erin Harlow, Extension Agent II, UF/IFAS Extension, Columbia County Extension, Lake City, FL,

Dewayne Hyatt, System Administrator IV, UF/IFAS Information Technology (IT), Gainesville, FL,


The COVID-19 virus forced many pesticide safety education programs to conduct training exclusively online in 2020. Although the transition was sudden, and for some temporary, many programs will continue to utilize online technologies for pesticide training. While online programs are convenient, more effort and consideration are required beyond opening a webinar and presenting material. Ensuring the presenter can be clearly seen and heard, without distractions, is accomplished by properly setting locations for camera, lighting, and microphones. Slide design and transitions likely need to be altered to maintain audience attention. Unique online considerations like bandwidth must be addressed to maximize engagement. Finally, maintaining an online audience’s attention through interactions must be different from in-person training. This article provides essential tips and guidance on better hosting for online training of pesticide safety education. 

KEYWORDS:  applicator recertification, COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft Teams, pesticide safety education programs, virtual training, Zoom

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