JPSE Volume 22 - 2020

Program Description - Pages 1 to 14

Credentialing Pesticide Applicators: Standard Setting in a Licensure Context

Andrew Martin, Assessment Specialist, Office of Indiana State Chemist, West Lafayette, IN,

Leo Reed, Manager, Licensing and Certification, Office of Indiana State Chemist, West Lafayette, IN,


This article addresses the concept of standard setting to establish an appropriate minimum passing score on licensure exams. It examines a variety of standard setting methods accepted by the larger credentialing community. It provides a rationale for standard setting by logical, defensible means and it offers, as an example, the standard setting method adopted by the Office of Indiana State Chemist in 2009. The article concludes with suggested best practices when introducing standard setting into an exam development program. 

Keywords: exam development, licensure testing, pesticide applicator certification exam, standard setting

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