Professional Recognition Award

Professional Recognition Award recognizes members who have enhanced public health and the environment through their efforts in pesticide safety education or application certification. The award serves to recognize a defined success by a professional that occurred within the past two years. Examples include, but are not limited to presentations, videos, online training, certification databases, exam development, exam administration policies, workshops, train the trainer, etc.

  • Evan Alderman (2022)
  • Brett Bultemeier, Tamara James (2022)
  • Robin Tutor Marcom (2021)
  • Daniel Frank, Whitney Weaver, Dana Beegle, Rachel Parson, Stephanie Wycoff (2020)
  • Vickie Schroeder, Julie Jacobs (2020)
  • Tana Haugen-Brown, Claire LaCanne (2020)
  • Dan Wixted (2020)
  • Wendy Sue Wheeler (2020)
  • Lizabeth Stahl (2018)
  • Jan Hygnstrom (2018)
  • Tana Haugen-Brown (2018)
  • Wayne Buhler (2018)


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