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AAPSE is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Incorporated in the State of Washington.

American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators

Protecting Human Health and the Environment through Education

    Life Membership

    Over the years lifelong AAPSE members who have retired from their profession have been recognized as Life Members. This is a special honor bestowed on those among us who have given their life's calling to pesticide safety education. Life members continue to serve the organization in this capacity with free membership for life.

    • Ron Gardener (Senior Extension Associate, PSEP Coordinator, Cornell University, Pesticide Management Education Program)
    • Pat Hipkins (Senior Research (Extension) Associate, Assistant PSEP Coordinator, Virginia Tech Pesticide Programs)
    • Philip Nixon (Extension entomologist, PSEP leader, University of Illinois)
    • Joanne Kick-Raack (Emeritus professor, PSEP Coordinator, Ohio State University)
    • Bob Wolf (Emeritus professor, PSEP Coordinator, Kansas State University)
    • Roger Flashinski (Emeritus professor, PSEP Coordinator, University of Wisconsin)
    • Jim Criswell (Emeritus professor, PSEP Coordinator, Oklahoma State University
    • Win Hock (Emeritus professor, PSEP Coordinator, Penn State University)
    • Mary Grodner (Emeritus professor, PSEP Coordinator, Louisiana State University)
    • Pat O'Connor-Marer (PSEP Coordinator, University of California-Davis)
    • Larry Schulze (Emeritus professor, PSEP Coordinator, University of Nebraska)
    • John Osmun (Emeritus professor, Entomology Department Head, PSEP Coordinator, Purdue University)
    • Ed Vitzthum (Emeritus professor, PSEP Coordinator, University of Nebraska)
    • Barry Brennan (Emeritus professor, PSEP Coordinator, Extension Administrator, University of Hawaii)
    • John Impson (Retired national program leader, ex-officio advisor - HELPS, USDA/CSREES)
    • Norm Nesheim (Emeritus professor, PSEP Coordinator, University of Florida)
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