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AAPSE President's Blog - Fall 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013 7:52 PM | Michael Weaver (Administrator)

Fall 2013

NPACT Museum Dinner

NPACT Minnesota Science Museum Dinner - August 7, 2013 

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Sent: Thursday, August 08, 2013 12:42 AM
Subject: Honoring the service of our members; words of encouragement

AAPSE Members:

Yesterday morning many of you witnessed the installation of new officers at our AAPSE business meeting. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our officers, board of directors and all members who have given of themselves to serve AAPSE. 

I would also like to share a few words to encourage our future together.


Andrew has been a flawless and efficient leader. For me he has been a patient and nurturing mentor. I am so happy that he will continue as Immediate Past President as those two years as President-Elect went far too quickly. 

What Andrew has accomplished establishes a longstanding legacy for a model leader of AAPSE. His dedication and tireless efforts have set the stage for improving future funding of PSEP programs and stakeholder support. His vision for AAPSE will continue as we move forward.

Please join me in conveying a huge THANK YOU and congratulations to Andrew Thostenson for a job extremely well done!

Wow, where do I start with Dean? He has done it all with grace and savvy for many years. Like Andrew has done and will continue to do for me, Dean has been there for Andrew. Dean led us to where we are today and worked closely with Andrew over the course of his leadership. Dean very much deserves a rest after not only six years in the president's (pre, present, and past) role, but many prior years of his leadership to AAPSE. Dean has guided us well and has been a mainstay of this organization. He will not be permitted to get too far from our reach however, as I intend to continue to draw on Dean for advice.

I am so very happy that Drew Martin continues to serve as our treasurer! His service has been perfect in this role. Being treasurer is a demanding job. AAPSE members should know that their records and treasury are in very good hands with Drew at the helm. Drew is backed by a very experienced audit committee. I thank him for his continued dedication, skills, and advice.

Betsy, like Drew, is such a capable leader. Both of these folks could just as easily be president of this organization, and should be given this opportunity at some future date. It is my pleasure to see Betsy continue as our secretary. Having served as AAPSE's first secretary, I can attest that this is a demanding role. Today, with a more complex organization, this role is even more challenging. Betsy sets a standard as an efficient and effective organizational secretary. Our recent discussions have centered around how she will keep me on task and moving ahead as president. Scary as this is to me, knowing she and Drew have my back puts me at ease. Thank you so much Betsy for your past and future support and dedication.

Our new guy on the block and an excellent choice for the future leader of AAPSE. A long-time valued friend and colleague to me, I have great confidence that Don will do extremely well in his new role.  He is in a perfect position to apply his keen knowledge, insight, and intelligence with the issues that face our membership. I am thrilled to work with him as we move forward.


What a wonderful group of leaders you have in your regional directors! These folks work so hard to communicate AAPSE business to you and seek your input. I thank this group of talented colleagues for their tireless effort and dedication to AAPSE. They include:

  • NC Region (through 2013) - Erin Bauer
  • NC Region (through 2014) - John Stone
  • NE Region (through 2013) - George Hamilton
  • NE Region (through 2014) - Candace Bartholomew
  • S Region (through 2013) - Kim Pope
  • S Region (through 2014) - Pat Hipkins
  • W Region (through 2013) - Kaci Agle-Buhl
  • W Region - (through 2014) - Rebecca Maquire


My effort to acknowledge this group is also doing double duty. This list has gone out of date and needs to be fixed - something that I am hoping you can help me do. All of those listed here deserve recognition and thanks for their hard work.  But if you see someone missing, please let me know and I will make sure they are recognized and their name is corrected on this list. In the meantime, whether you are listed or not, I thank you for your service and ask that you continue.


  • AAPCO - Ed Crow
  • CTAG - Carol Black
  • International Harmonization & Classification of Pesticides- Candace Bartholomew
  • TPSA - Pat Hipkins
  • SFIREG - Mike Weaver - soon to be Don Renchie
  • SFIREG/POM - Jim Criswell
  • NA Pesticide Pollinator Campaign - Wayne Buhler
  • Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee - Wayne Buhler
  • EPA - Kevin Keaney


  • Membership Committee - Dean Herzfeld, Dan Wixted, Mark Shour, Bruce Williams, Carol Black, Randy Rivera
  • Nominations/Elections Committee - Phil Nixon, Carrie Foss, Ron Gardner, Andrew Thostenson, Clyde Ogg, Ples Spradley, Fudd Graham
  • Recognitions/Resolutions  Committee- Sandra McDonald, Carol Black, Kim Pope, Gary Fish, Fred Fishel
  • Non-English Language Materials for PSE - Jennifer Weber, Suzanne Snedeker, Gerald Kinro
  • Articles of Incorporation/By-Laws - Clyde Ogg, Kay Harris, Bob Wolf, Rebecca McQuire, Roger Flashinski
  • Auditing - George Hamilton, Carol Black, Dan Wixted
  • Committee on Committees - Catherine Daniel/Wayne Buhler
  • Issues & Evaluation - Dean Herzfeld, Joe Spitzmueller, Mike Weaver
  • Professional Development - Michael Helms
  • Journal of Pesticide Safety Education - Mike Weaver, Barry Brennan, Susan Terwilliger, Catherine Daniels, and a long list of reviewers and authors

Our Future Together

Based on this list of leaders, it appears that we are in good hands moving forward. But we need everyone's support and service to succeed.  Please ask yourself:

How can I contribute to AAPSE? In doing so you are investing in your:

  • career
  • your program, and 
  • the field of pesticide safety education. 

Over the next two years, I plan to employ the many talents and qualities of all our members to enhance OUR organization?  

Next September we will host our annual meeting in Harrisburg, PA (in collaboration with the NE region PSEP members). This is the first truly annual AAPSE meeting since we had our initial organizational meetings many years ago. Yes, we meet in PACT years for a brief period and we will continue to do so. But in off-PACT years we are not meeting and it has been a long time, even during PACT years, that we have met for a period sufficient to network, collaborate, and govern most effectively. This has taken its toll and we aim to correct this problem. We will be moving ahead to organize a 1-2 day event (in addition to the regional meeting) dedicated to AAPSE business and PSE issues. I encourage you to think of topics of this nature and things that you would like to see take place in such a meeting. This realizing that we are going to leave the region in control of professional development opportunities, local tours, and things that you would ordinarily see in a regional workshop. If you would like to work with us to plan this event, please contact me.

Because we haven't been as engaging as we could with one another some members have expressed concern that their AAPSE membership hasn't served them well. Folks, WE are AAPSE. Only we as individual members can affect what AAPSE can do for us. Your service to your organization is the only way to resolve this concern. Whether you are an academic, regulator, or industry person, joining means you are part of the AAPSE family of pesticide safety educators. There is work in process to change the membership structure. By year end, you will see the results of this effort. Added to this our effort to meet more often with attention to member engagement, and we should be able to affect these concerns. But no amount of change will help if you aren't resigned to the fact that joining involves some personal sacrifice and service to your organization.

One immediate way you can serve AAPSE is by reaching out to all pesticide safety educators to encourage them to join us. If you hear that someone has let their membership lapse or is thinking of leaving us, please encourage them to stick with us. Everyone is important to us. The old stigma that this is an academic's organization is ancient history. We originated as an organization started by mostly academics, but remember, our first member was AAPCO President, Bud Paulsen. As such we stand together as a family of pesticide safety educators regardless as to where we work or originate. 

Thank you so much for what you do as an AAPSE family member. Yes, families do have their moments. But our networking at PACT this week proves that we value one another very much. Our conversations have included thoughts of missing those who could not attend and how we are doing. We share news of home, family, work, and achievements. We are bound together by our common interests. Let's stick together and use our friendships to help ourselves and one another.

With kindest regards,

Mike Weaver
AAPSE President

Michael J. Weaver, Ph.D.
Professor & Director
Virginia Tech Pesticide Programs
302 Agnew Hall (0409)
Blacksburg, VA 24061
(540) 231-6543

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