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AAPSE is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Incorporated in the State of Washington.

American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators

Protecting Human Health and the Environment through Education

Membership/Public Relations Committee

The purpose of the Membership & Public Relations Committee is to support and facilitate promotion of the Association and its members and ways to maintain and increase membership.


The Chair of the Membership Committee shall be appointed by the President at the start of a President's term. The committee chair shall serve for a four year term the first two as committee chair and the last two years as a member of the committee and advisor to the new committee chair. The chair may be reappointed for additional terms by the President.

Committee members shall be appointed by the President after consultation with the committee chair. Committee members shall serve two-year terms and may be reappointed for additional terms. Strong efforts should be made to have the committee members represent full and associate members, each extension region, and extension, state and federal government agencies and tribal members.

Committee duties:

Promote and advertise AAPSE in coordination with AAPSE's Executive Committee:

  • Develop and track use of promotional materials and displays.
  • Put AAPSE on publication lists (i.e. Meister publications, AAPCO listings, CPR's, etc.)
  • Use Association news releases and/or advertisements
  • Revise and develop information brochures, membership letters, Association literature, etc.
  • Work with membership to promote AAPSE accomplishments to the educational community, regulatory agencies, legislators, industry, and/or trade associations.
  • Maintain regular correspondence with professional associations (AAPCO, ASPCRO, PLCAA, Farm Bureau, etc.)
  • Recognize and publicize members' achievements in cooperation with the Awards and Recognition committee.
  • Acquire promotional items (pins, caps) if desired/warranted

Work to maintain current AAPSE membership and solicit new members:

  • To have at least one full member from each:
    • Land-grant extension service PAT program
    • state pesticide lead agency
    • tribe in each EPA region with approved pesticide program
    • federal agency with an approved pesticide program
    • EPA regional offices
    • EPA HQ Certification & Training program
  • To solicit new associate members and increase associate members involvement and visibility in AAPSE.
  • Work cooperatively with the Association's Treasurer who:
    • maintains the membership lists
    • keeps the membership list up-to-date on the AAPSE homepage
    • receives dues, updates database, sends renewal letter and payment thank you letter.
    • maintains AAPSE note cards for printing notices and reminders
    • maintains AAPSE business cards for provisioning to members
  • Develop information on "What AAPSE Can Do For You" and "What You Can Do for AAPSE"
  • Explore international aspects of pesticide education
  • Lead the development of first drafts of proposed changes related to membership to the Association's Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws and other association membership issues

The Committee is responsible for the following items:

  1. AAPSE membership application brochure
  2. AAPSE membership card - provided to members annually
  3. AAPSE lapel pin - currently proposed for all members
  4. APPSE "Thank you for joining" new member letter
  5. APPSE "Thank you for renewing" renewal member letter with statement by AAPSE president
  6. AAPSE membership marketing letter to current members to renew membership
  7. AAPSE membership marketing letter to potential members
  8. AAPSE membership marketing letter to members who have not/did not renew membership
  9. Other tasks as deem appropriate by the AAPSE Executive committee


  • Sonja Thomas 
  • Sharon Gripp
  • Gene Merkl


  • Melanie Forti 
  • Dean Herzfeld
  • Jan Hygnstrom
  • John Johnson 
  • Chrissy Kaminski 
  • Jessica Lenker 
  • Jolene Hendrix
  • Lyn Van Maaren 
  • Whitney Weaver
  • Nancy Westcott
  • Bruce Williams
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