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Navigation and content changes to AAPSE websites. Does not include routine content postings. Log actions refer to unless otherwise noted as


  • Awards & Recognitions Guidelines updated for 2024.  
  • Created Awards and Awards/AwardsArchive folders in Documents/Governance folder.
  • Moved past award guideline files from Documents and Documents/Award Guidelines to archive.
  • Deleted Documents/Award Guidelines folder.
  • Created Organization and Members folders in Documents/Governance folder.
  • Moved WebsiteEmailSubmissionGuidelines2023 file to Organization folder.
  • Moved ResponsibilitiesofAAPSEOfficers2023 file to Members folder.


  • JPSE past volumes moved to, "Publications" removed from menu, NOTE: /JPSE page still live in background with redirect + message to accommodate url


  • Created Newsletter folder in Documents folder, established file name structure, restricted access to members-only, posted latest newsletter with email template announcement.
  • Created Minutes folder in Documents folder, restricted access to members-only. Began moving files.
  • Created Governance folder in Documents folder, restricted access to members-only.
  • Updated "Responsibilities of AAPSE Officers" document to include Webmaster position.


  • Changed home page slider on from 2023 to 2024 National Conference and from C&T Academy to C&T Webinar Series recordings link
  • Removed links on member home page to 2023 National Conference and C&T Academy


  • Updated Executive Committee list under About/Officers & Board Members on


    • Removed Awards & Recognitions page (now on
    • Directory and Archives change to member-only (login required), now show as >Directory and >Archives
    • >Archives moved to main menu; minor menu order changes


    • Created Awards & Recognitions Recipients page on; added link under About/AAPSE Awards & Recognitions on
    • Created Past Officers page on; added link under About/Officers & Board Members on
    • Removed Past Officers link on Governance (it is in Archives)
    • Linked Archive/Past Officers to; Linked Governance/Officers to


    • Moved very old WDL and NC Workshop records from Links to Webinar Records: NOTE: these links broken, only listed titles
    • Removed Links page, redundant with Liaisons
    • Updated links on Liaisons page; covert table to bullets
    • Added Liaison Organizations list to About page
    • Created Life Members link on Awards page; removed Life Members link from menu
    • Added AAPSE Awards & Recognitions list to About page (including Life Members)
    • Moved Awards & Recognition Guidelines document links to Policy Documents page
    • Sorted/added headers to Policy Documents page to ease navigation
    • Minor formatting to bulleted lists on all pages


    • Added a Website Log page for site updates; put link on home page (not in menu)
    • Changed home page button under What from Previous Meeting Proceedings ( to Learn More (
    • Changed home page button under Why from Explore Membership ( to Join Today (
    • Moved Membership page “Our Members” bullets to the About page
    • Changed banner image on About page (from Membership page)
    • Hid Membership page (content was already duplicated on other pages)


    • Moved “Past Webinars” list and links from Professional Development to Webinar Records
    • Added “Event Archive” list to bottom of page
    • Added link to webinar recordings to banner of page
    • Removed Professional Development page 


    • Updated all of the awardees to our webpages


    • Created members-only >Newsletters page


    • Created new page for members-only webinar recording links: >Webinar Records.
    • Updated the Member Home page to clarify member/public websites (“we have moved” message was confusing).


    • AAPSE charters moved to the About page on and removed from the History page
    • The About page on updated to use accordion menus for content areas for a cleaner view
    • Moved Past Officers and Photo Archives from the History page to the Publications/Archives page
    • Removed the History menu item to clean things up.


    • Menu edited to perform better on mobile, submenu links added to menu pages
    • Added headings, all headings same font, removed breadcrumbs
    • Reformatted Archives, etc. to vertical layout
    • JPSE page links back to
    • Directory pages edited (removed reps, shortened pic)
    • Updated/created “Using the AAPSE Group Mail Service” doc on Policy Docs page (was a web page)

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