Life Member - Pat Hipkins

  • Charter (founding) member
  • Secretary (1995-1999)
  • AAPSE Board Member
  • Multiple committee appointments and leader positions

Patricia Hipkins was hired as Assistant Coordinator of Virginia Tech Pesticide Program in 1989.  She also held the rank of Senior Research Associate in the Department of Entomology. Ms. Hipkin's training included a B.A. in biology/chemistry/english and philosophy (1968, Seton Hill College), and a M.S. in biology (1974, University of Louisville). Pat also held a teaching certification (1971, Clarion State College). Prior to coming to Virginia Tech she worked as a high school science teacher in Montgomery County Schools, as a biology instructor at Hood College, and as a research assistant at the University of Louisville. During her tenure she led efforts to incorporate hands-on demonstrations into the pesticide safety education program, supported an extensive and very active in-service education program for Extension agents, and was a key leader in the West Africa pesticide safety education program in Mali through USAID and the IPM-CRSP program. In 2007, Pat was awarded the Pesticide Stewardship Program Award for her outreach efforts by the Pesticide Stewardship Alliance (TPSA). Ms. Hipkins has been a leader of TPSA and the American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators (AAPSE). In 2010, Ms. Hipkins won the Gamma Sigma Delta Extension Award of Merit. In addition, her international work was part of a team effort that contributed to Entomology winning the 2010 University Exemplary Department Award. In 2016, Mrs. Hipkins won an AAPSE special recognition award for her career achievements and the AAPSE life member award. Pat has two sons and two grandchildren. She lives in Newport, Virginia. Mrs. Hipkins retired in 2016.
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