JPSE Volume 9 - 2007

Review or Critique - pages 1 to 4

A Review of Vegetable Insect Management (no abstract)

Fred Whitford and Michael J. Weaver

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Research Study - pages 5 to 14

Self-Reported Pesticide Label Use Behaviors of Ohio Certified Private Pesticide Applicators.

Steven C. Prochaska


Use of the pesticide label is intrinsic to safe and effective use of pesticide. A descriptive study of Ohio Certified Private Pesticide Applicators was conducted to measure the reported use of 11 label components, safety equipment used while mixing and loading pesticides and pesticides applied when growing corn and soybeans. Private applicators read the pesticide label at the beginning of the pesticide application season, if not more often. About 77 percent of survey respondents reported wearing chemical-resistant gloves when loading or mixing pesticides. Respondents most often used glyphosate and atrazine products.

Keywords: private, applicator, label, Ohio, safety, equipment, survey, PPE

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Program Description - pages 15 to 19

Insuring Pesticide Compliance by Partnering Regulatory Programs with Extension

Fred Fishel, Dale Dubberly, George Hochmuth


A farm employee pesticide exposure incident in early 2006 led to a comprehensive review of the University of Florida’s compliance with state and federal pesticide regulations at 15 off-campus research and demonstration farms. Joint inspections by state regulators and extension specialists provided important feedback on measures the University farms needed to enact to fully comply with the pesticide regulations. From these voluntary inspections, the University of Florida developed and implemented short- and long-term compliance strategies to help ensure proper training for people using and working around pesticides on University farms.

Keywords: pesticide, exposure, review, compliance, regulations, laws, Florida, inspections

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Literary Note - pages 20 to 24

Web-based Distribution of Electronic Labels: Implications for Pesticide Safety Education

Amy E. Brown


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is considering migrating certain pesticide label information to the Internet, possibly including the Directions for Use section. The program has merit, but will have significant impacts on the user community and on pesticide education. Differences in user category, technological capabilities, and other considerations will affect feasibility and compliance. Constructive input from pesticide safety educators will help maximize the chances for successful implementation.

Keywords: electronic labels EPA Internet literary note

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