JPSE Volume 3 - 2001

Review or Critique - pages 1 to 2 (no abstract)

A Review of "Aerial Application: A Training Manual for Pilots Seeking Licensure as Certified Pesticide Applicators"

Mary L. Grodner, Darryl C. Rester

Full Text: 21-83-1-PB.pdf

Program Description - pages 3 to 11

Interactive Program Delivery for Pesticide Label and Regulatory Topics

Carol A. Ramsay, Larry Schulze, Carrie Foss, Shawn Scamahorn, Clyde Ogg


Applicators from several disciplines have responded positively to the development of pesticide label and regulatory information delivered in a Jeopardy game format. Content and structural development for the game is detailed. Three delivery media are discussed: overhead transparencies, poster boards, and computers (on-line and off-line). Internet URL references are provided for PDF files and Web sites that further illustrate game development, interactivity, and delivery.

Keywords: pesticide, safety, education, methods, program, delivery, games

Full Text: 22-85-1-PB.pdf
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