JPSE Volume 20 - 2018

Research Study - Pages 1 to 12

A Survey of Use and Laundering Practices for Garments Worn by Pesticide Applicators

Anugrah Shaw, Carol Black, Kristine Schaefer, Lisa Blecker, Thia Walker, Amy Brown


Pesticide applicator garments and laundering habits were assessed in late 2016 and early 2017 during continuing education programs. Paper-based surveys were administered in California, Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, and Washington state. In Colorado, data were also collected electronically using an audience response system. Shirts and pants continue to be the most commonly worn garments by pesticide applicators (72%). A small percentage wore reusable cloth (10%) or disposable (15%) coveralls. An even smaller number wore rain suits (3%). Most of the contaminated garments (78%) were washed at home. Top-load washing machines with either hot or warm water were the most common, and more people used dryers compared to line drying.

Keywords: decontamination, laundering, pesticides, protective clothing, work clothing

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