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American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators

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Issues and Evaluation Committee

This committee is responsible for studying and developing position papers and analyses of pesticide legislative and regulatory issues and policies that affect the professional responsibilities of the Association\'s membership. The AAPSE President-Elect serves as Chair of the I&E Committee. Any AAPSE member may identify to the Chair of the I&E Committee an issue that the member thinks AAPSE ought to address. When doing so, the member should briefly outline pertinent concerns. When an issue is brought to the attention of the Chair, he/she will present it to the AAPSE Executive Committee for their assessment of whether AAPSE should, in fact, address the issue. Upon receiving approval to address the issue, the Chair will summarize the issue, send it out to all membership via the AAPSE ListServ and ask for volunteers to serve on the I&E Committee for that specific issue. For some issues, regional representation, as well as participation by CES, SLA, and private organizations may be desirable. However, the key determining factor will be who is really interested in contributing. In some cases, the Chair will serve as the principal framer of the AAPSE response, but in many cases, another member will be asked to take on the principal role. When a response has been drafted by the Committee, the Chair will submit the response to the AAPSE Board of Directors for their review and approval before finalizing and sending the letter.

AAPSE Comment on Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science.pdf

Dicamba Final Comment.pdf


  • Jolene Hendrix


  • Leslie Garcia
  • Dean Herzfeld
  • Kim Kelley-Tunis
  • Joanne Kick-Raack
  • Jamie Kopco
  • Mimi Rose
  • Michael Wierda
  • Dan Wixted
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