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AAPSE Group (mailing list service)


NOTE:  The Listserv software at Virginia Tech was phased out and all listserv functions were moved to Google Groups on July 15, 2015.

Additions: All new members are added to the group service automatically upon joining AAPSE by the AAPSE Treasurer. The AAPSE Group is open to active AAPSE Members only. Members who have let their AAPSE membership lapse will be removed from the group within a few months of this lapse.

Changes: It is the member's responsibility to notify the Treasurer of any changes to your e-mail address. Any change in your e-mail address will cause the group to reject your posting. All mail will continue to be sent to your old address until the address is corrected. If you are seeking to be removed from the group, you may do so by, again, notifying the AAPSE Treasurer. 

The AAPSE Google Group is a closed list. Members cannot control the list by sending commands to it. All changes to the list are controlled by the AAPSE Treasurer and the List Manager. 

Problem Resolution: If you are having problems with the group service recognizing your e-mail address it is likely caused by a change in your e-mail address. In those cases, please direct your new address change to the AAPSE Treasurer. If this is NOT the case, please contact the AAPSE List Manager ( for assistance.

Important: Some email hosting services (this is common with academic services) can restrict access to Goggle Groups. If your institution uses Google tools it is likely you have complete use of Goggle Groups. If not, you can be limited in sending to the list or sometimes even receiving mail. We have no control over this. Please talk with your IT department to resolve these issues.

Reporting Misuse: The group service has an established use policy (see below) aimed at controlling misuse. Please read this policy carefully and if you have a concern associated with possible misuse, please direct your questions to an AAPSE Board member. That member should voice your concern at the next AAPSE Board Meeting.

Sending Mail to the List:
Direct your e-mail (from the e-mail address you provided to AAPSE for the group service and directory) to:

Reviewing Mail Sent to the List: The group has an established archive. At this time, messages sent to the list can be retrieved by the List Manager only. Please contact the List Manager if you wish to retrieve one of your old messages.


- approved by the AAPSE Executive Committee on March 18, 2003; updated April 5, 2018 to reflect the use of a Google Group (the listserv was replaced on July 15, 2015).

  • The AAPSE listserv (Google Group) is available to foster communication and discussion of pesticide education and certification related topics of interest among its members. Communications should be oriented towards increasing the knowledge base of AAPSE members.
  • The use of this group is available to all currently active AAPSE members (ONLY). It is the responsibility of each AAPSE member to keep their email address current in the AAPSE group database. Contact the AAPSE Treasurer to update your personal information.
  • AAPSE accepts no responsibility for the opinions and information posted by individual group users.
  • The group is not available for the commercial promotion of products and/or services of members, or for illegal purposes.
  • Do not post information protected by copyright without the permission the copyright owner. Respect the privacy of others.
  • Reply to the individual sender (rather than to the group) when your response is not relevant or not of interest to the entire membership. Turn off the auto-response feature within your email software program.
  • AAPSE encourages users of the group service to keep postings brief, courteous, and to end each posting with a full name and email address of the sender. Please send unformatted text rather than using boldface, italics or text in color. Do not post in upper case letters. "Flaming" or the use of defamatory / abusive language is not permitted.
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